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5 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Attrition Rate


A recent survey by British-based institute Roffey Park shed light on the motivations, or rather the demotivations of managers in Singapore’s economy. With 63% of managers looking for new jobs, organisations should be sitting up and wondering what went wrong. In the production and manufacturing sector alone, a whopping 79% of managers wanted to move [...]

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Managing 4 Gens in One Co


For the first time ever, there are 4 generations of employees, all with their own perspective, styles and expectations, working side by side under one roof especially if your company is big enough. This rare sight is due to Baby Boomers (in their 50s and 60s) who are continuing to work past their retirement age [...]

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5 Classic Hiring Mistakes


Recruitment is by far the most difficult HR spectrums to get right. Hiring the next best talent based on an interview that not only is the first time two person meet but also trying to understand each other in a span of 2 hours. Would you get married after knowing your date for 2 hours? [...]

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